DIY Chocolate Bouquet

DIY Chocolate Bouquet

I have always loved the salty sweet of chocolate covered pretzels. It’s one of my absolute favorite treats! I’ve done regular pretzels several times, but this was my first time doing rods for the “bouquet.” If someone gave this chocolate pretzel bouquet to me on Valentine’s Day, I would be theirs forever, no doubt.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 pkg chocolate almond bark

1 pkg white almond bark

1 bag pretzel rods

1 bag pretzels

Themed or colored sprinkles (optional)

Wax paper

Start by breaking your chocolate almond bark into chunks so it will melt faster. Melt about half the package at a time. Go back and melt the second batch later if you want more treats. Otherwise, it stores nicely in a Ziploc bag in a cool, dry place.

You can melt it on the stove top, but why do that when the microwave is right there? Put the chunks in a microwave safe bowl and put two minutes for the cook time. Stop and stir every 30 seconds. Repeat this for the white almond bark in a second bowl.

Now that your almond bark is melted you can start dipping your pretzels. I kept my bark in the same bowl I microwaved it in to avoid creating more dirty dishes, but for the rods it might be easier to poor the almond bark in a tall glass for easy dipping. Because my bowl was not deep enough I just poured spoonfuls of the chocolate up and around the rod while in the bowl. Different approaches, same result.

As I laid out chocolate rod after chocolate rod on the wax paper, I used red sprinkles to create the Valentine’s Day vibe.

I did the same with the smaller, regular pretzels. I used a fork to dip them and turn them in the bowl of melted goodness to make sure they were completely covered and then sprinkled them. Lastly, I used my fork to drizzle extra white almond bark over all the brown chocolate rods and pretzels.


Now for the bouquet part, I simply took a piece of red paper and manipulated it into the shape of a cone and stuck a few pieces of tape on it to hold the shape. For a more seamless look, you can use glue instead of tape.

I will make one guarantee: your mom, dad, brother, sister, grandparent, friend, significant other or whoever you choose to make this for will LOVE it. And maybe, if you’re lucky, he or she will share the goodies with you!

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