Master Bedroom Makeover

Master Bedroom Makeover

I love our house so much, but I’ll be real, it’s builder grade and complete with all the basic built-in-2000 finishes. This means lots of orange-y oak trim and cheap brass door knobs. In a fantasy life I’d overhaul everything immediately, but this isn’t a fantasy and I’m a girl on a budget. When it came to our bedroom, we painted it right away but then it just sat, undecorated for almost a year and a half. Well, it’s finally looking more like a complete space and I couldn’t be happier. Sure, it still has that old orange trim and an original ceiling fan, but it looks much more like a lived-in space, which is what I was looking for.

So, at last, here is our bedroom makeover! I broke everything down below and would love to see any questions you have in the comments!

Before I jump in though, here is what it looked like before..

Wall color: I picked the paint color out before we even moved into the house. I knew I wanted a very light, subtle grey for our bedroom and I feel really happy with the result. I used Sherwin Williams’ ‘Rock Candy’. When I look at it for too long I can see a slight greenish-blue undertone, but to anyone else I probably just sound like a crazy person.

Furniture: We found our dresser and nightstand set on Craigslist. It was a really lucky find to get all four pieces in such great shape for an awesome price. Check out the rehab I did on them here. They’ve definitely served their purpose and turned out nice after the rehab, but of course, I hope to upgrade at some point.

Our bed is from Nebraska Furniture Mart. Trevor bought it before we bought the house and moved in together, so it’s pretty masculine and dark. It probably wouldn’t have been my first choice (cue my preferred light, more modern/boho (I don’t even know if modern and boho go together) style), but it is a really nice bed.

Art: I love supporting small businesses and try to incorporate that kind of art and décor throughout our entire home. Yes, I do shop a lot at Target, but I think the key is to combine big box store pieces along with local finds.

A lot of the art you see in our bedroom is from Jenny’s Print Shop – a place I stumbled upon on Instagram. One piece is from Home Goods and the rest are prints I bought on Etsy. Instead of buying pre-framed and printed art, I opted to buy digital files, then print and frame them myself. This can be more affordable if you print at the right places (Jenny’s Print Shop has some great recommendations) and get good deals on frames.

Curtains: These curtains were everything I was looking for when I was styling the room. They’re a heavier linen, so the texture is perfect and they lay really nicely. If you haven’t checked out Ikea for home good needs, you’re missing out – two panels of these curtains were only $25!

I opted to stick with one panel per window because the room can get so dark and I’m all about trying to let the light in. Trevor has requested we put some roman shades up, though because even though in the day time the light is great, at night there’s quite a bit of light too.

Lamps: The lamps we previously had were actually pretty new – I bought them when we moved into the house. I had this fantasy of an all-white bedroom, but after getting two cats I quickly learned that unless we wanted to look like dirty people, all white just wasn’t going to work out. Plus, I’m just someone who has a constantly evolving style, so what I like one minute, I like something more the next minute. This can be fun, but I find myself always wanting to redecorate about every three to six months.

Anyway, the new lamps are awesome. They’re brass and super sleek, which is exactly what our bedroom needed. Unfortunately, the room is tiny and we had to have something that didn’t take up a lot of space. I would have loved to do a sconce, but windows back the nightstands, so these lamps were just the ticket.

Accessories: The accessories are what a make a room feel cozy and lived-in, so they’re pretty important. You don’t even have to spend a ton of money on them – some of the best finds can come from vintage and thrift shops. For our bedroom, I tried to collect magazines, candles and plants and splurged a little bit on a marble tray for my dresser.

I wish we could have done more of a complete overhaul of the room, but for now I’m so happy having our bedroom feel more homey than just a blank space with no style.

Shop everything in the room and a few more of my favorite pieces!


Photography by Brooke Confer

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