The World's Most Delicious Bloody Mary

The World's Most Delicious Bloody Mary


There’s just something about a Bloody Mary — the salt, the spice… the vodka. I love it all. I know there’s all kinds of fancy options out there nowadays that have chicken strips or cheeseburgers as the topper, but I’m a fan of the classic version. For me that means 37 pickles and 53 green olives. My mouth is salivating just writing this.

The truth is, this recipe is super basic and easy, but I love a good Bloody Mary, so I wanted to share my go-to.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Dill pickles

Green olives

1 lime (if you like lime)

Celery (if you like celery)

Zing Zang Bloody Mary mix



Pour your vodka in first over the ice and then top it off with the Zing Zang mix and stir. I’m a big fan of Zing Zang. I tried it once in college and it had the perfect taste for me. This is important because not all mixes are created equal. Some have much sweeter flavors or are extremely spicy. I like spice, but not over the top. So, anyway, if you like a classic Bloody Mary taste with lots of flavor, but not too much heat, I highly suggest Zing Zang.


Now comes the most important part — the pickles and olives. You can just drop your olives in or skewer them with a tooth pick. I didn’t have tooth picks so I broke off the end of a kabob stick (desperate times). Then I took my dill pickle spears and dropped them in. I also threw in a celery stalk because I actually really like celery, but if you’re not into it just replace with another pickle. As hard as it is not to eat them right away, I like to wait a few minutes and let them soak up some of the tomato juice and spices. Yum.

Ok, that’s it!! Enjoy, and of course, drink responsibly. ;)

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