How to Keep Your House Clean in 3 Easy Steps

How to Keep Your House Clean in 3 Easy Steps

If you’re like me, sometimes you look around your living room, kitchen or bedroom and think to yourself, how in the world did this room get like this? Then, you might think of how ashamed or embarrassed you are because if anyone else in the world except you (or your roommate/significant other) knew that you actually live like this, you might die.

I know I get mortified (not to mention a little anxious) at the thought of a surprise guest when I realize my house is in less than pristine condition. I feel like I drive myself crazy trying to make sure that every pillow is in its place or that none of the dark wood shows any dust. I’m learning it’s an impossible task to have a perfect home, but here are my tips to hopefully ease your pain.

Accept the Fact that Your House Will Not Be Clean All the Time
Before you do anything else, you must realize, understand and accept that your house/apartment/room will not be as tidy as you’d always prefer it to be. I have to work on accepting this every day, especially since moving in with Trevor. His habits are not the same as mine, but I don’t want to argue with him every twenty minutes about the dirty dishes he left on the counter or the pile of close next to the dirty clothes hamper.

We would all prefer our laundry to be perfectly folded and put away, dishes in the dishwasher and the lawn freshly cut, but the sooner we all accept this just will not be the case 24/7, the better we will all be. Plus, why do we always get so worked up when our best friend, someone who honestly doesn’t judge us, wants to come over just to chat? I don’t know about you, but when I get that call or text I’m like a tornado trying to make everything look lived in, yet orderly. You know what I mean, like when you try to make the covers of your bed look casually tossed around, but still cute.

Clean as You Go
So at this point we know that the house isn’t going to be in tip top shape all the time, but there are a few things we can all do to try to stay on top of things. For example, every day when I come home from work and change my clothes, I lay my work outfit across the top of my dresser. I don’t hang it back up, I lay it across the dresser (don’t pretend you wash your work clothes every time you wear them). By the time the end of the week comes I have a million dresses and cardigans on top of my dresser in a huge pile. At this point it looks daunting and I don’t want to do it, so when next week comes I just keep on piling away.

You get the idea. Basically I keep piling until I’m out of clothes to wear and then I have to spend so much time hanging everything back up and sorting through what might need to be washed. To make my life easier, I should just hang everything up the minute I take it off. That extra 20 seconds right there could save me a whole hour or more by the time I actually get around to putting everything away.

This concept is the same for dirty dishes, mowing the lawn and pretty much every other domestic chore. If you wait until it’s extra bad and looks like it’s going to take you forever, you’ll never want to do it, so instead, just do it as you go. Do it when there’s only three dishes in the sink or just two dresses to hang up. Seems like such a simple concept doesn’t it?

Make a Schedule
Think of all the chores you have and build them into a monthly or weekly calendar. Everything that needs to be done weekly, like cleaning the toilet or dusting, pick a day and pencil them in. The same goes for things like washing your sheets, mowing the lawn, cleaning the cat box (or scooping poop if you have a dog), vacuuming, etc., etc., the list goes on and on. Giving each task a day might help you break things up a bit so you don’t have to spend an entire Sunday cleaning your house.

I’m committed to creating a cleaning schedule/calendar because I truly believe that writing things down on a visible calendar, something I might see every day, will hold me more accountable.

I feel like maintaining the level of cleanliness and organization I expect from myself as an adult is much more difficult to achieve than I ever expected. I really think I’m not alone in this and I wanted to put it out there so maybe someone who is going crazy sweeping up after themselves and others can hopefully sit back and relax for a minute. Perfection is boring anyways.

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