Exploring Lincoln: Getting My Hair Done at FRESH SALON

Exploring Lincoln: Getting My Hair Done at FRESH SALON


About a month ago I shared the typical I’m-getting-my-hair-done-I-look-like-an-alien picture on my Instagram stories. To my surprise, it was followed up by a bunch of messages from my fellow people asking me where I get my hair done. Well, I’m so glad you all asked because as it turns out, I go to the best salon in Lincoln and have the most talented stylist!

Say hello to FRESH SALON.


FRESH just opened its doors back in June so if you’re a Lincoln local you may not have heard of it yet. I highly recommend getting an appointment over there asap, though, because not only is it perfectly decorated, but the four ladies running it are some of the best in the business!

Emily Jackson is the genius that colors and cuts my hair and also waxes my eyebrows. She’s a legit one stop shop, which I love. I usually just schedule everything all at once and leave feeling like a brand-new woman.

I’ve been going to her for about two years now and have never left the salon feeling secretly disappointed. You know the feeling I mean? Your person turns you towards the mirror and asks, “What do you think?!” and you blurt out “I love it!” but as soon as you get into your car you call your mom to tell her you just got your hair done and you hate it.

I like to keep my color really simple, so Emily does a soft blonde balayage weaved in with the natural light brown color of my hair. This might sound cheesy, but it just gives my hair so much dimension without looking like HEY I JUST GOT MY HAIR COLORED. Ya feel me?

Emily really is a master with color. She can do more traditional color like mine, or she can add a little funk to your look in the form of the trendy silver blonde you’ve seen all over insta or a really cool pink. If you’ve been wanting to rock something like this but haven’t found someone you trust enough to do it, Emily is your girl for sure.

I’ve also been rocking the long bob-ish look for a while now. I used to have it at an angle where the front was slightly longer than the back, but I’ve had Emily slowly make everything the same length because for a girl that wears her hair up every single say, it wasn’t super practical for me (I had tons of super short baby hairs fall out of my bun constantly).


Check out Emily’s work on her Instagram account, or just give her a call at the salon. If she’s booked up, don’t shy away from trying one of the other amazing ladies — Beth, Kaydra or Natalie.

And just a peek at my hair so you can visualize Emily's work!

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