Exploring Lincoln: Shopping Local at Refined Design

Exploring Lincoln: Shopping Local at Refined Design

Since moving into a house, I’ve had to majorly step up my décor and furniture game. I want every space to feel like it has a purpose and for visitors to know exactly what that purpose is as soon as they walk in. I want our house to be beautiful and practical, but I’ve learned it’s always going to be a work in progress.

I have been able to make some headway, though and most of that has happened because of a little bit of weekend effort (ok a lot of weekend effort), Instagram stalking of my favorite designers and patience. It was through said Instagram stalking and actually a visit to Craigslist that I came across one of my new, favorite local shops – Refined Design. They don’t have a brick and mortar yet, but you’ve got to check out some of their pieces, here.

The first time I went out to their shop (not a retail space, this is where they actually make the furniture and décor) I couldn’t believe how much inventory they had for only being a husband and wife team. I got to know Danica and Chris and told them all about my house and how I was trying to fill it with unique pieces, which Refined Design is full of! Needless to say, I spent more than I was planning.

If I was so happy to come across this place, I knew others would be too. So, today I’ve partnered up with Refined Design to showcase some of their best and most popular pieces along with how I would use them. 

The Pioneer
This modern and simple desk is begging for someone to sit down and get stuff done. It’s the perfect size to be placed against a wall for tight quarters or in the center of your office to become the focal point.

Refined Design Owner and Designer, Danica, said The Pioneer will always hold a special place in her heart because this was the first piece she designed for the Refined Design furniture line.

The Geo Art
I’m absolutely in love with this. With its bold size and pattern, this is a statement piece that steals the attention in any room. Refined Design makes each one of these by hand. I feel like it’s so rare to actually have handmade art and furniture anymore, which is why I love shopping their website so much. I would use the geo art as the centerpiece of a black and white gallery wall or lean it against the wall on a sturdy shelf.

FullSizeRender (8).jpg

Patent Prints
I love these prints because they make old new again. It’s great way to reuse something in a new and unusual way. Refined Design carries a handful of different prints so if you’re not into sailboats or bikes, you can go for cars or cameras. Or, combine all of them for an eclectic, yet consistent gallery wall. I’m thinking these might make some great Christmas gifts this year.

The Mod Box
If you look at this piece quickly you might mistake it for an old TV. Refined Design said that’s what inspired this versatile “box.” I love this because it can be used as a side table in my living room (that can double as a bookshelf) or a nightstand in my bedroom. The legs give it so much character and really give that vintage look and feel.

What are your favorite pieces? Make sure to check out Refined Design whenever you might be in the market for cool, local and handmade furniture and décor.

Images via Refined Design

Thank you so much to Refined Design for sponsoring this post, and thank you to my readers who make this blog possible.

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