A Few Things I've Learned from Harry and Susan

A Few Things I've Learned from Harry and Susan


It might be surprising to find out that I wasn’t the one who wanted to get any animals. Trevor really wanted to get a cat, but I just wasn’t sure I was ready to take on any additional responsibilities. I know that may sound ridiculous because cats are pretty easy, but it still means taking care of another life. I was very intimidated. Well, one day I was scrolling through the Capital Humane Society website (because who doesn't do that?) and there she was. A little four-month-old kitten named Jojo. I text her picture to Trevor and he said, “Let’s go pick her up.”

And that’s how Susan came to be our life. Yes, her original name was Jojo, but I wasn’t about that, so we’ve called her Susan since day one. She looks much more like a Susan anyway. ;)

We had Susan for about 10 months when Trevor started asking about getting another one. I put my foot down immediately and said no. I know, I’m heartless. Then, one day, Trevor was back home working on his family’s farm when he sent me a picture of a long haired little guy that had been living in a cattle sale barn. “Can I bring him home?” Trevor text me. Eye roll.

The next weekend I went back to Trevor’s hometown with him and met the little kitten they were calling “sale barn kitty” (because of where he lived). It took me about one second and I said fine, let’s take him. He was just so incredibly sweet and I loved his long hair.

I suggested we name him George, but Trevor said no because that was his great grandpa’s name, so then he suggested Harry and Harry it was.

Anyway, now that you know how Harry and Susan came to be, I just wanted to take a minute to think about what these little fluff balls really mean to me and what I’ve learned from them.


They help me relax
I’m a high anxiety person and my mind is constantly racing and worrying about what needs to be done, so truly relaxing is difficult for me. Since we got the cats, though, they’re like little therapy animals. When I hang out with them for a bit and give them my full attention, I really do forget about the day for a minute.

They’ve had a positive impact on my relationship
If there’s one thing Trevor and I can agree on, it’s that the cats are everything to us. I know, I know — I sound dramatic. It’s so true, though. When we went on our big camping trip this summer and were away from Harry and Susan for two weeks, we both missed them so much. We even talked about what it would have been like if we could have brought them. We’re crazy cat people for sure.

They’ve taught me about loyalty
I remember one time I was really upset about an argument I was having with a friend. Trevor wasn’t home and I just really needed someone to be there. Guess who was there? Susan (this was before we got Harry). I know how ridiculous it sounds, but I can’t even explain how thankful I was in that moment to have “someone” there for me. Animals really do have a sense as to when their humans really need some comfort and they’re always there for us. Humans could probably take a page or two from their book.

They’ve taught me to not take myself so seriously
I never really took myself too seriously to begin with but cats do some really dumb and funny things and guess what — they never feel embarrassed. Ever. I love it. Sometimes I feel like Susan thinks she is above Harry and the dumb things he does, but every once in a while she gets caught up in it too, and when she realizes Trevor or I see her partaking, all the sudden she stops. So maybe they do get embarrassed? Idk, I seriously sound insane right now, but either way it’s so entertaining.

I know cats aren’t for everyone, but trust me on this whole pet thing, it’s pretty great.


Photography by Brooke Confer

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