A Saturday in Omaha

A Saturday in Omaha

Lincoln and Omaha are Nebraska’s two largest metropolitan areas and although I live in Lincoln, I’ve actually spent quite a bit of time in Omaha. Like a lot people, though, I haven’t taken the time to actually explore a lot of what the city has to offer.

I feel like people are constantly comparing Lincoln and Omaha — which one has better shopping, restaurants, businesses — everything. Well, I don’t necessarily want to compare them, I just want to know what each city has to offer so if I ever have a free weekend or guests from out of town, I can head to the coolest new spot or make quality suggestions to friends and family.

When I decided I needed to dive into Omaha head first, I reached out Erin Fairchild — friend, blogger extraordinaire and Omaha resident. I feel like Erin and her husband really make an effort to get to know their community and she really shares a lot about her favorite spots on her blog, Her Heartland Soul. So, I pitched an idea to Erin to swap cities for a day — she would head down to Lincoln armed with some of my best recommendations and I would head up to Omaha with a list of her must-dos. To check out how Erin’s experience went, click here. As for Trevor and I, we had a fabulous time!

Here’s a breakdown of our day in Omaha –

Erin said you can get the best breakfast in Omaha at Over Easy, but when we showed up around brunch time, there was a line out the door. Lucky for us there are a bunch of a great restaurants in Omaha so we headed out to West O to hit up Louie’s Wine Dive. This place has such a cool vibe and is totally different than any place I’ve been. Their menu is just as unique as their décor — I had crab cake eggs benedict and a tall bloody mary — it was awesome!

Next we wanted to check out some local happenings so we headed downtown to an artisan fair called Made put on by a co-working space for craftsmen and women called  Bench. There were tons of local makers from both Omaha and Lincoln and awesome, handmade home goods, jewelry and food for sale. I melt over this kind of stuff and I think Trevor actually really liked it too, and for someone who isn’t into shopping at all, I’d say that’s a major win.

The College World Series was going on during our day in Omaha, which is a really fun time for baseball, beer and food. We didn’t hit up a game or the beer garden that day, but we have participated before and it’s definitely worth checking out — even if baseball isn’t your thing.

Since we were downtown, we headed over to the Old Market and walked around. Even if you’re not buying anything or looking for something in particular, it’s such a cool area to just walk around.

FullSizeRender 11.jpg

Erin’s next suggestion was to hit up Coneflower Creamery in the Blackstone District. This was probably one of my favorite things because I looove me some ice cream. Plus, I had never been to Blackstone, which I had heard was the new, cool neighborhood in Omaha. The ice cream at Coneflower was seriously to die for and the atmosphere was great. It was definitely busy, though, because I don’t think their tasty ice cream is a secret.

It was time for some Saturday afternoon cocktails, so where else could we go except for Benson? I’ve heard SO much about Benson and how incredible its restaurants and bars are, so I was pretty excited to finally get to experience it all for the first time! Erin recommended 1912 and Krug Park as must-dos so we headed to 1912 with the intention of going to Krug Park next, but we ended up meeting friends and hanging out on 1912’s rooftop bar until our dinner reservation. We loved it — they had a great cocktail menu and the view was fantastic!

Finally, we ended our day in Omaha with dinner at Lot 2 in Benson. Again, I had heard amazing things about their farm-to-table menu and have been chomping at the bit to check it out! The menu is very small, but well thought out. We started with a cheeseboard, but then went casual and both ordered cheeseburgers. My favorite part, though, was the made-to-order cherry apple cobbler. It was AMAZING.

Omaha has so much to offer and it's so close to Lincoln! I highly recommend planning a city swap if you're in Lincoln and have a friend in Omaha (or vice versa). It's always a fun time to get to know your city, those nearby and maybe find a new perspective!

What's your favorite thing to do in Omaha and/or Lincoln?

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